Harvest Festival

on sunday i went to the very first harvest festival in sydney and i had a really wonderful day full of great music and great friends. for a festival's first year you might expect a few mishaps here and there, but i'm surpised and pleased to say that it was probably the best festival i have ever been to! i'd have to largely attribute that to a lack of the typical type of festival attendee that i would want to avoid (read: festival douchebags) - the crowd was actually really laid back and respectful and i think that made all the difference. as well as that, the fact that it was smaller than your average festival meant that most people there were there for the music and not simply for the sake of being at a festival.

musical highlights of the day include watching the national from the front row (and shedding more than a few tears while doing so), and their singer matt berninger finishing the set by disappearing into the crowd; i was hoping he'd come back to the stage in my direction when their final song ended (terrible love) but the microphone came back and he didn't. i loved finally seeing bright eyes (also from the front row) after years of being a fan - road to joy was my favourite of the set, and watching kevin devine first thing in the morning who i love and who i really think deserved a later slot. i also had the chance to check out a lot of acts that i hadn't really listened to before, the most impressive of which were the flaming lips for their incredible stage show which included huge balloons and ridiculous amounts of confetti and the singer crowdsurfing inside a giant bubble! and portishead who i have never heard before but who were truly amazing to see live.

i also had a good chance to use my diana F+ and my holga 135BC, which all of these photos were taken on. :)