another post with an assortment of photos, including some (incredibly late photos) of birthday presents from back in october. the tea set that i have received quite a few compliments on was actually my birthday gift from my brother & his girlfriend (i'm sure she was the one that picked it though, haha). and (below) the fragonard perfume was one of my gifts from my parents and the beautiful peirre hermé macaron cookbook was from one of my best friends, giselle. she bought it because we ate his macarons together when we were in europe. he has some of the most interesting flavours, from standard ones like rose and salted caramel to more exotic flavours like violet and blackcurrant, raspberry, red pepper and parmesan and avocado, banana and chocolate. we didn't manage to try any of the sweet/savoury flavours but i'm definitely going to try making some for myself very soon! (probably just the normal flavours though!)


above is the issue of elle girl korea that i was asked to create a mock christmas card for. i feel so lucky to have been featured, especially as it was alongside such talented people as caitlin shearer. but unfortunately i can't read korean so i can't tell how the interview reads! i think the cupcake frosting flavoured/scented air freshener and "mints" are pretty self explanatory! and below is a cute little calendar you can get cheaply with a purchase from typo stationary stores. i don't normally have a calendar hanging on my wall, but this one will look very cute next year.


i've been loving heidi braids lately, especially with these darling little rose pins i bought on ebay. i bought lots of 10 in three different colours so i'm going to be wearing them all summer (when it finally warms up!) i feel like the world needs to collectively decide to push all the seasons a month or two back in our minds because all around the world the concensus seems to be that the weather is more fitting of the season before than the current one. maybe that would fix things so i wouldn't be expecting summer and not getting it! it makes my heart hurt with how much i want it to be warm, i have been waiting so long. my mum's favourite flowers are gardenias so during summer she picks them from our garden and leaves little vases of them sitting around our house so it always smells nice.