I just really love Nick Cave, okay!

I just really love Nick Cave, okay!

as you can see, I MET NICK CAVE!!! we are facebook friends or if you follow me on twitter or instagram you will have already seen my excessive posts concerning this, and now here is my blog post dedicated to it. i'm aware that this isn't particularly relevant to many of my readers, but nick cave is absolutely one of the most beautifully affecting and awe-inspiring people i have ever encountered and i admire him to the ends of the earth, so to meet him was a dream come true (if you hadn't picked up on it already, one of his songs is this blog's namesake). i was literally speechless for a good few minutes after it happened and when i got to work the next day i made sure to tell EVERYONE, i even paged it over the PA system and my friends spent all day reminnding me about it just to make me smile (and gush). ♥

this particular encounter was on thursday night when one of his two bands, grinderman (the other being nick cave & the bad seeds) played a show at a tiny little venue in sydney. i managed to get my DSLR into this show without any problems so i've got a few photos to share, and i also managed to get the setlist which you can see in his hand in the photo above, and his signature on it below. and grinderman played again at homebake festival on saturday which i went to as well (100% just to see them again, haha) where i got the setlist again! (i actually have three now as i got my first one when i saw grinderman play in munich last year). unfortunately i couldn't bring my DSLR into the festival though so i'll have to wait to get the film from my holga developed to post some photos.

and since i've already spent this whole post talking about him, i might as well mention that a couple of weeks ago i also went to straight to you: a nick cave tribute show where a whole bunch of artists got together to cover different nick cave songs. i went on my own and had an amazing time because not only was i in a room filled with other nick cave fans, but they played a whole lot of songs that i probably wouldn't get the chance to hear otherwise because the bads seeds (unfortunately) can't play their entire discography when they perform live. it was a great night, and one cover in particular moved me to tears even though it wasn't him singing it. anyway, i think you all get the point! i just really, really, really love nick cave!


i also bought myself a grinderman tote bag at the show andddd my all time favourite album EVER, let love in, on vinyl! ♥