okay so it's another scattered post from me. most of these things aren't even gifts but i'm not very good with post titles and a lot of my posts lately have just been a collection of photos without any real theme, but i can't call them all the same thing, can i? these sparkly little bad boys set me back $6, and unsurprisingly the quality is to match. although they're super comfortable one of the bows fell off on their second time out, but they're so cute i reattached it so hopefully it'll last longer this time!

my parents came back from japan (thanks for the invite guys...) last friday and brought a few little things home for me - lots of chocolate (chocolate salted popcorn, ohhhh) and lollies, beauty products, tights, a hedgehog tablecloth(!!!), and what we think is a bookmark of the most beautifully sad girl, which i suppose must have reminded my mum of me.

speaking of japan, i have recently discovered the wonderland that is daiso as there's one right near my work. it's a magical little shop where everything is $2.80 (such a sensible price point, right?) and they don't even scan your purchases at the check out, they just count them to get the total! they have just about everything there, including macaron candles and packs of 350 cherry blossom scented incense sticks for $2.80! although i'm under the imperssion that it's actually a dollar store in america which is ridiculous given that the exchange rate is pretty much even between the two. try and figure that one out.

gifts to myself include ridiculous milkshake socks i will probably never be able to co-ordinate with anything, the unbelievably delicious smelling breakfast scrub from soap & glory, a kerouac luggage tag because i'm eternally in love with him, a pretty rose headband (and a MILLION other things not pictured) from asos, a kitty daisy & lewis tote bag and vinyl from their show that i went to on tuesday night (loveeee), and a holga book!

i also went to the harry potter exhibition at the powerhouse museum! we weren't allowed to take photos so of course i don't have any good ones to share (though i may have taken a multitude with my phone). we also weren't allowed to touch anything but i made sure to touch harry's robes! and even though everything way crazy overpriced, i bought myself a bookmark anyway to commemorate the occasion. and finally, the mor marshmallow box was actually a gift as well, from way back at christmas. their packaging is so beautiful!