Glebe Markets

the following is a video i made of some friends and i at glebe markets. again it was shot on my iphone which explains the less than desirable quality. i'm not actually too happy with this video but i figured i'd post it anyway. but i'm going to make sure i'm proud of the next one! 

although not actually at the markets, i managed to find this adorable little picnic basket which i used as a handbag for the day. after seeing quite a few bloggers with something similar i was pretty happy to find one for myself for $2. also below are some men's business socks with pin up girls on them (how could i resist?) and my patent burgundy brogues.

last sunday i had the pleasure of seeing bon iver perform at the sydney opera house with several friends. it was a really wonderful evening and their performance just blew me away. it's not often that i see a nine piece band and seeing them live really added a new dimension to their music for me. it's made up of so many intricate sounds and layers that you barely notice are there but they all combine together to create a whole that is so beautiful. i highly recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance.

i also saw adam cohen live on wednesday night; adam being the son of the one and only leonard cohen who is absolutely one of my favourite artists of all time! he mostly played his own music (which is good in its own right) but he did indulge us by singing leonard's tower of song and so long, marianne and a part of bird on a wire. i had the biggest smile on my face while he was singing his father's songs; he has a very similar voice and it was just a really wonderful thing to experience. i also met him after the show and he was lovely and charming (and very attractive!) and it really was such a thrill to only be one step away from his father, whose music means the world to me.