here's my first attempt at making a video! i shot it pretty spur of the moment on my iPhone so unfortunately you won't see any beautiful shallow focus shots since i can't take my DSLR to a festival, but i like how it turned out anyway. it's a video of my day at soundwave festival last weekend. i got to revisit some of my favourite bands from when i was a teenager (yes, i was a raging emo) and my boo harriet and i managed to find our way onto the jaegermeister "elevator" bar too; we bumped into a girl whose friends were running late so she asked if we'd like to go on it with her and of course we said yes! no matter how much time passes it always puts me in a good mood to listen to or see the bands that meant the world to be growing up, so i had a wonderful day!

the music in the video is worm tamer (a place to bury strangers remix) by grinderman from the 12" vinyl single. i only had my holga on me for photos that day so once i get them developed i'll post those too. also, i have been tagged twice now to post seven facts about myself, so although i almost never do things i am "tagged" for, i don't talk about myself that much on this blog so i thought i might as well.

1. music has always been my first love. growing up i couldn’t imagine anything that i would be interested in doing as a career outside of working in the music industry. although i can think of a few other things now, they all involve management of the arts, and my current focus is still on music. i have three jobs, two of which are in the music industry (one for a tour promoter and one for a venue) and i’m hoping to get a “real” full time job in the industry as soon as possible.

2. books are my second love. i’m completely head over heels in love with jack kerouac and all the writers who were involved in the beat generation. i'd give anything to have been able to spend time with them.

3. i have over 35 full sized bottles of perfume – it’s a bit of an obsession.

4. i almost never remember my dreams. i could dream about anything and i wouldn’t have a clue.

5. if i could have lived at any time, it would always, always be the 1950s.

6. baked goods (cakes, slices, biscuits, brownies, pies, etc) are just about my favourite thing in the world. to say i have a sweet tooth is an understatement; all my teeth are sweet teeth.

7. i have always harboured the romantic dream of being a flight attendant, but i’m sure it’s probably not as fun and glamorous as it is in my head.