Country Towns
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a couple of weekends ago my family and i visited family in canberra for my nanna's birthday (where i picked up the photo albums from my last post). on our way there we stopped off in the town of bowral for morning tea at the award winning gumnut patisserie where the first photo was taken. i had one of the small lemon tarts and it was as good as it looks! we wandered around the town for a bit (unfortunately i couldn't convince my parents to go to any of the op-shops) and then drove on to berrima and met up with my brother and his girlfriend for lunch.


the following photos were taken at my nanna's house. i don't really go to canberra very often (especially since i hadn't had weekends off work for about two years until now) and it occurred to me that probably no one had thought to take photos of the house itself before, so i wanted to capture some of it as i see it.


my nanna always sends us home with a supply of her homemade tomato soup and pierogi. she also befriends neighbourhood cats and feeds and takes care of them.


we spent the night at my aunt & uncle's house where my cousin has a fantastic collection of crystals. on the way home on sunday we stopped at a vinyard which was of absolutely no interest to me since i don't drink, so i took a few photos and enjoyed a complimentary pot of tea.


just at the end of the roll of film, the following weekend my aunt & uncle came and visited us and we had high tea at my brother's place (which of course was actually put together by his girlfriend).

also i've forgotten to mention about three posts in a row, but i did an interview for which you can read here. :)