Melbourne Part 1

as i mentioned in my last post, i decided to only bring analogue cameras with me to melbourne, so unfortunately i have to wait until i have time to get both rolls of film developed before i can post those photos, so for now i have the instant ones i took on the trip and some digital photos of some of the things i bought there.

my friend and i started our saturday with a lovely breakfast at a little cafe called new york tomato before heading to chapel st to do some shopping. i picked up the most wonderful 1950s red gingham dress at a big antique shop there. it was a bit more than i would normally spend but it was exactly my size and it had the most perfect label in the dress, so i knew it was meant for me! i also bought possibly the prettiest little embroidered blouse i've ever owned, with a scalloped collar and sleeves from the red cross shop.

we had lunch at a wonderful cafe/patisserie called luxbite which had a build your own lunch and dessert menu! and while we were waiting for it to be cooked we ate our dessert first; who am i to say no to salted caramel and peanut butter macarons? no one at all, obviously. we had planned to go to a show that night with some other sydney friends who were visiting (but were staying elsewhere) but unfortunately it sold out and we couldn't get in! but elly and i had amazing vegan pastrami burgers for dinner at a nearby pub called the gasometer, so the night wasn't a total loss.

above is a photo of me trying on my henry-lee dress at the antique shop, and the skeleton & jesus statue were taken at camberwell markets, which we went to on sunday morning. i managed to find a few records there, the adorable little kitten salt & pepper shakers and the puppy tea towel (below). i have no use for tea towels whatsoever as i still live with parents so i don't have my own kitchen to buy things for, but it was so sweet i couldn't leave it behind.


that afternoon we headed to brunswick st with all our sydney friends, the highlight of which (apart from a great lunch at a cafe called vegie bar) was surely the HUGE clearit store, which is full of dangerfield, alannah hill, revival, princess highway, etc clothes all at heavily discounted prices. unfortunately i didn't have enough time to look around to my heart's content because i had to catch my flight home, but i did still manage to pick up the above shoes and sailor top as well as a gingham skirt and a dress. it's definitely on my list of places to go for next time though! we have a couple of clearit stores in sydney but none as big as this!

in terms of non-melbourne things, when i first arrived at my friend's house she presented me with an allen ginsberg postcard book that she bought for me at city lights bookshop when she went to san francisco recently, which contains photos of all my favourite authors who i love so much! and when i arrived home on sunday night it was to find that my copy of wish magazine had arrived! it's the pet project of one of my favourite bloggers carrie and her friend lucy, complete with cover and inner sleeve illustrations by the ever lovely caitlin shearer.