Melbourne Part II

so here is the second installment of photos from my trip to melbourne! i'd planned to post these 35mm photos with my 120mm ones at the same time but as it turns out the film i bought a while ago was "true" black & white instead of C41 which means they take longer to process and are quite a bit more expensive too!

confession time: despite being an avid lomo fan and a user of my holgas and/or diana whenever the conditions are conducive to decent photos (which is unfortunately not as often as i'd like) i've never successfully shot and developed a full 120mm roll before (i.e. i've never bothered to tape up my holga 120 until now, so i've ruined several rolls that way). so if i never post the photos you'll know i wasn't happy with the results, but i plan to buy some better, higher ISO and probably colour C41 film soon and hopefully summer will bring me lots of opportunities to experiment and get more comfortable with 120!

speaking of summer, last years was a total washout so i literally cannot wait for the days to get longer and the weather to heat up, since it feels like it's been twice as long since i've really felt the warmth of it. i am a summer person a hundred times over and would pick the most sweltering hot day over a freezing cold winter one every time. ever since i was a child i would get this swelling in my chest and a feeling like anything is possible with the presence of a bright sun & a clear blue sky and i get a smile on my face every time i walk outside and i'm greeted with a day like that. i've seen the first cherry blossoms of spring and the air is getting sweeter, and my whole outlook on life is brightening because of it.