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Blue Moon

little henry leelifestyle
Blue Moon

hey, so i entirely gave up on outfit photos for a really long time. a big part of that would be because i don't have a willing live-in boyfriend or best friend to make the job easy (i'm still relying on the ol' tripod & remote combo) and also because there are just not enough hours in the day! these are the product of me making an effort to get up a little earlier than usual so i could take some photos before work - i've only managed it a few times over several weeks, but it's better than nothing, right? i get a lot out of dressing up every day and finding new combinations to wear, and i own so many clothes i have difficulty physically getting them in and out of my wardrobe (that's not even an exaggeration) so i might as well show them off!

the mint sweater, white blouse and baby blue cardigan are all op-shop finds, both of the skirts are dangerfield and both of the pairs of shoes are from asos (i didn't even plan that). if you looked in my wardrobe about half of it would come from op-shopping and the occasional second hand ebay purchase, and most of the rest of it comes from asos - far and away the best online shop there is! i have converted so many people in my real life into asos fans they should start paying me for it.

both the wheels & dollbaby & the sailor jerry tops are ebay finds and both of the skirts are from asos. i know it would appear from this post that i almost exclusively wear pretty pastel outfits or rockabilly red & black combinations but i swear i mix it up more than that! though those two styles are definitely what i favour most. the red shirt below i found at an op-shop and i ironed the patches onto it and wore it with my bolo tie so i could feel like a super awesome cowgirl! and the cute little aeroplane earrings are from asos, and it's actually a 35mm photo i took because i was trying to use up the last of a roll of film (hence the weird black half border).


for most of last week the moon was SO bright i noticed it each night as i was walking home from work, and when i heard that on the friday night it was going to be a blue moon it gave the whole week a special quality for me. coupled with the fact that neil armstrong passed away that week i felt like it was only right for me to try and take photo with my 300mm lens that i NEVER use to see how close i could get. it's something i have been meaning to do for the longest time but whenever i remembered to try it, it had clouded over or it was too cold, etc. but last week was finally right. :)

also, here are the 120mm photos i took in melbourne!