Markets & Moleskines

Markets & Moleskines

a few weekends ago i went to the love vintage show with my friend vanessa, although i didn't realise until we walked in that we weren't allowed to take photos (boo!) so i only have a couple from before we went inside of vanessa, my shoes & socks, and some beautiful girls and their caravan/vintage inspired photography stall. the best i have from inside the markets are these instagram photos which should give you some idea of the beautiful things that were on show.


i didn't buy much from the markets, one pretty embroidered blouse and a couple of pairs of clip on earrings that i'll be turning into cardigan clips in the near future, but it was still lovely to have a look around.

a few weeks ago my parents went to visit my godmother & her family in singapore and they also spent a few days together in phuket where my mum had a couple of dresses made for me. we went shopping before she left and bought material with the prettiest patterns and i had two copies of this dahlia dress made. i wanted to choose something simple because my parents wouldn't be there for long and that dress is one of the most comfortable and well-fitting dresses i own.

also while we're talking about dresses, the pink dress below is one i bought in the great modcloth sale of late august (my first modcloth purchase, actually) along with this little number and a purse i have absolutely no use for but it was shaped like an ice cream so what was i supposed to do? the polka dot bow cardigan is an alannah hill one i've had for years and the black & white dress i bought while in melbourne before i'd even seen this current season dahlia dress!

ever since i started my current job i've been getting the train to work instead of driving which definitely has its drawbacks but i feel like it's all worth it because i get a dedicated hour and a half every day in which to read! i'd hardly gotten through ten books this year but once i started i decided to make a conscious effort to knock over all of the books i've been meaning to read for years (and i mean years, some of these books have been on my to read list since high school) as opposed to just picking randomly from my shelf. i'd always put most of these off in favour of other books until now so this is giving me a real sense of accomplishment. :)

probably the one i'm most proud of is brian greene's fabric of the cosmos - not only because it's 500 pages long but also because prior to about three years ago if you'd asked me if i'd like to read a book about theoretical physics and cosmology i wouldn't even know what you were talking about. i've never been a science-y person (i've always leaned considerably more towards philosophy than science) but reading this book in particular has really opened my eyes to the similarities between the two that i never knew were there and it's really help me piece together some more aspects of the way i see the universe and my beliefs about its origins. though this is getting a bit heavy for my little old blog so i'll leave it at that for now! below are some awesome sailor jerry posters i got last night and my moleskine journals where i keep my pressed flowers and my secrets.