My Birthday Part Two

my actual birthday started with two of my closest friends coming to my house with a gigantic chocolate cake complete with candles and sparklers, which we lit in my kitchen while they sang happy birthday to me. the three of us spent the day op-shopping along the northern beaches which is something i really love because i don't go to the area very often, but there are three or four really big op-shops right near each other (and some other smaller ones too) and i always manage to find lots of wonderful things when i go to them!

luckily my birthday was no exception - i found LOTS and lots of clothes as well as a 3D puzzle of a globe, a video tape about nas & jay-z for 20c (i couldn't not buy it, despite not actually owning a VHS player..) and a little dachshund figurine because dachshunds are one of my favourite things in the whole world! then we had sushi train for lunch, i played with a super cute puppy and we drove to newtown for dinner with a few more friends at green gourmet. we were planning on having a night out but the weather was pretty miserable so we decided to get dessert at pie tin and watch movies instead. i'd never been to pie tin before but i was suitably impressed - not only did they have the biggest apple pie i've ever seen in my life, but they also had a chocolate peanut butter pie which, of course, is exactly what i got!


me wearing my lovely biscuit dress by caitlin shearer which she very kindly posted to me in time for my birthday. i'll definitely share some more photos of this dress soon, it's one of most beautiful things i've ever owned!

the following day was the helicopter ride and wandering around rozelle/balmain with my parents, so i shot the rest of my roll of film there.