Surry Hills Festival

a few weekends ago i went to surry hills festival with harriet and vanessa. after walking around for what seemed like forever, we did finally make it there! i didn't realise they'd changed the venue from the last time i went so we walked all the way to the old one and then had to walk back to where it was actually being held. highlights of the day include lots of free gummi bears, delicious corn fritters with avocado salsa and haloumi, running into several friends i hadn't seen in a while, the $10 vintage stall where i bought a dress and an adorable pair of shorts that look like a skirt, getting lots of compliments on my new handmade floral headband, a photobooth with animal masks and props, and relaxing in the sunshine with my friends.

later that night we ended up at a crazy halloween party in a warehouse. none of my friends dressed up because we didn't think anyone else would have, but when we got there we saw the huge amount of effort people had put into their costumes! i was the only one of my friends with anything resembling a costume (i.e. my kitty ears i wore because you don't really get many chances to wear them without looking crazy) so while we were there i painted a clown face on my friend kate. below is also the photo strip harriet and i got from the festival that day, and a few photos of the best costumes - a crazyyyy scary zombie couple and some jerk in the way of my shot of dr. frank-n-furter and han solo.

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