Markets & Farewells

Markets & Farewells

yet another trip to the rock & roll markets! i've posted photos from a few previous visits to these markets and i always have a good time, even if i was only there for a few hours this time around. i didn't really buy anything except a whole lot of records, but that's one of my favourite things to look for at these markets anyway so i think i did pretty well!

afterwards i went to a farewell get together for my friend peter, who has moved to melbourne along with his girlfriend giselle who moved there at the start of the year. giselle is one of my best friends and favourite people in the whole world (hey guurrrl) and i'm super happy for them, but also really sad for me because i just want them both to move back up to sydney and hang out with me all the time!!! also, not pictured but the farewell was made all the more sweet by the presence of the lovely alana and her delicious chocolate cookie sandwiches with salted caramel and raspberry jam!

i then spent the later part of the evening at a friend's housewarming - look at me doing three things in one day! probably worthwhile though, considering that i actually didn't leave my bedroom except to go to the kitchen and bathroom the day before, haha.

IMG_0005 (3).jpg
IMG_0012 (2).jpg

peter & adam looking like twin brothers (though they're unrelated)!