heyyy i know i'm the worst blogger ever but the truth is i have a full time job, go to a lot of gigs and have a really active social life and as much as i want to spend more time reading other people's blogs on a regular basis and actually updating mine, there are never enough hours in the day. :( but i love you guys, i promise!

a few months ago i ended up being an extra in a short film called baseheart. it's about a girl who meets a guy at a punk show, or at least i think that's what it's about but i was only on set for one day and i haven't actually seen the film, so i'm not 100% sure. unfortunately it's not available online or else i'd share it here, but i shot a roll of film and had a pretty great day, despite only knowing one other person there (the lovely tara below). also as a disclaimer, the blood on that guy's face in the last photo was fake, i swear!