Lady Luck Festival

a few weeks ago the lovely amy (below) and i went to the lady luck festival in katoomba which, although i was initially put off by the distance, was not actually that far away and turned out to be well worth it! unfortunately the weather was pretty miserable but we spent most of the day popping in and out of antique & op-shops as well as the festival stalls so it wasn't a problem. who knew the blue mountains was such a great place for vintage shopping? i managed to pick up the most beautiful navy blue dress with black velvet polka dots that is exactly my size, but unfortunately didn't take any photos of it (sorry)!

i'd also like to mention that i've revamped my blog and made a new header and everything (oooh), so please take a look if you're viewing this from a reader/feed. :) i've also re-organised all my tags so they make more sense and if you're interested in what camera the photos were taken with my posts will now be tagged accordingly.