Not Your Typical Hen's Night

a few weeks ago one of my best friends in the whole world got married! i do have photos of the wedding for future posts but for now here are some photos from the hen's night which was a few weeks before that. the bridal party was only the three of us - hannah (the bride), her sister prue and me, but their mum joined us for the afternoon as well. being the maid of honour i booked us a beautiful high tea at the victoria room which is not to be confused with the high tea at the queen victoria building's tea room, although that's really easy to do as they have basically the same name. i've had high tea at both tea rooms and they're both lovely, though at the victoria room you get to choose your own flavour from their dedicated scone menu. i went with cranberry, lemon and pistachio and it was delicious!

rather than go the tacky strippers-and-penis-shaped-straws route, hannah wanted a much quieter evening, so after high tea and a bit of shopping we went back to hannah's parent's place where we built a fort out of beanbags and doonas (or duvets/quilts for non-australians) and stayed up until 4am watching our favourite disney movies involving princesses who get married on VHS. aladdin was first up of course (he's both hannah's and my number one disney crush), followed by the little mermaid, beauty & the beast and cinderella. hannah and prue also broke out their onesies and i would have too if i owned one, and they drank lots of prue's homemade sangria.