Perfect Dresses #2 - Dahlia

Perfect Dresses #2 - Dahlia

this perfect dress comes from UK label Dahlia, one of my absolute favourites ever since i saw carrie mention them on her blog a good four years ago. as soon as i saw it online i knew i had to have it - it has a faux leather upper with scalloped detailing at the back and a sheer maxi skirt over a mini lining.

you can't really see the boots i'm wearing below but they are burgundy velvet (i'm definitely a matchy-matchy kind of girl, they go with my lipstick and bandana, haha). i have quite a few dahlia pieces in my wardrobe and i'm always checking their online store, my most recent purchase being this amazing cowboy jumper. i have a huge weakness for cowboy and western themed clothing so i've loved so much of what they've put out recently. and they have a sale on at the moment too, so that's a good excuse to treat yo self!