Sleek Make-Up

Sleek Make-Up

pout polish in electro peach and pink cadillac, i divine eyeshadow palettes in oh so special and au naturel.

and so my makeup obsession continues. by following blogs and watching youtube channels i've discovered so many great brands that aren't available in australia, one of them being UK brand sleek. their eyeshadow palettes, blushes and pout polish lip glosses all get a lot of hype and i can now say that it's with good reason. i initially ordered two blushes, one pout polish and one eyeshadow palette just to try out the range and i loved everything so much i raced back for more.

now i'm happy to admit that i don't know the first thing about eyeshadow. i just do my liquid eyeliner and mascara with a white inner corner highlight and that's my eyes done - i've always found lips (and now cheeks) to be so much more fun, but i thought i'd give it a try and so i've ended up with these two. i figured buying a couple of palettes would be a good place to start because there's lots of room for experimentation without spending too much money if i find it doesn't stick. i don't have time for it every day, but lately i have liked pairing up a light and dark shade for my lid and outer crease and these eyeshadows in particular are super pigmented and the palettes have a great colour range. i think i'll probably only ever stick to neutral shades because i'm not giving up my liquid liner and bright lipsticks anytime soon and i don't want to look like a clown with far too much makeup on, but i would definitely recommend the two i have, even if you're a bit more experienced with eyeshadow than i am.

as i mentioned in my last make up post, i've found myself obsessed with blush to a completely unreasonable degree (hello there are 6 in this post alone!) sleek have a beautiful range of colours and they're so pigmented and apply so smoothly it's easy to put a bit too much on if you're heavy handed, but just as easy to blend it out into a healthy glow. it's a bit of a challenge to photoshop photos to look nice while still keeping the colours of the products true to life but i've looked at the blushes as i edited and tried my best! and i think i've done a lot better job of it than their website (take a look at their image of my blush palette). i would say they're even a bit more vibrant than in my photos but if you really want to know what a colour looks like i've found googling the product name and looking for a swatch to be really helpful, and i've also swatched all 6 blushes in the last photo too.

and one last thing i think is great - you can buy their products directly from their website and it'll only cost a few dollars for shipping to australia (and probably the rest of the world)! there's nothing worse than finding something online you really like only to have the shipping cost more than the actual product, but postage from sleek is under $5 so if you're thinking about checking out their range i highly recommend it (especially the blushes)!


blush by 3 palette in lace - chantilly, guipure, crochet


clockwise from top: rose gold, pomegranate and coral


chantilly, guipure, crochet, pomegranate, coral, rose gold