Egypt Pt. 2

Egypt Pt. 2

Abu Simbel Temple

edfu temple, where the story of the gods is written on every spare inch of the walls

our time spent on the nile cruise boat, the friendliness and hospitality of all the staff. sleeping up on the pool deck under the stars and waking up with the rising sun. farmers who live on small islands in the middle of the nile shouting to us about the president. the white-haired old mexican man who wore speedos and lay upside down in the sun and didn’t care what anyone thought. not having a phone or internet access for days and forgetting the rest of the world exists. visiting edfu temple, one of the most intact and well-preserved ancient temples. the 2:45AM wakeup call to drive to abu simbel which was completely worth it. good looking waiters in black bowties who turn your can of sprite around to make sure the english side is facing you. housekeeping staff who arrange your towels and pillows into crocodiles and swans and men riding elephants and wait in the hallway to see your reaction. eating oreos in the pool on the top deck of the ship. seeing the mediterranean sea from alexandria and the border of sudan from lake nasser. swimming in the nile and finding out it’s a lot colder than you think. riding a camel along the riverbank to a nubian village. our tour guide of the village who wanted to know what my hopings were and who loved language and asked me for synonyms of the word captivate. i gave him enchant, enrapture and ensnare and he wrote them down on a worn piece of paper with a gold pen. crossing the street holding hands in cairo to make sure everyone was safe. the silence on our last night at dinner on the cruise. the whole boat being invited to an egyptian wedding reception in the bar, watching traditional dancing and entertainment and everyone joining in and laughing and eating wedding cake and celebrating the couple’s happiness with a shipful of strangers.

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our tour guide of the nubian village