In My Secret Life

In My Secret Life

In a way this is more of a favourites post, but since I'm covering a few different areas I suppose it's a life update too because it's what I've been enjoying lately. Most of my favourites have actually been birthday gifts since October is my birthday month. I've never really done the whole "what I got for my birthday" thing but that's what a lot of this post is. Once I started my mid-twenties I lost all my excitement about my birthday and now I dread it every year, but receiving some lovely, thoughtful presents definitely helps soften the blow.


Naturally I ended up with a few new beauty bits, all of which I have been loving. When my mum was at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in London picking up a lipstick for me, she also bought the limited edition Legendary Muse palette as a very welcome birthday surprise. I mostly stick to larger palettes over quads but I absolutely love this and use every colour in it. It contains a lovely warm pink-champagne, a vibrant gold, a beautiful gold glitter that whispers to my heart, and a deeper warm burgundy shade. I generally like to incorporate mattes into my eyeshadow looks but I find the deeper shade in the quad works really well in the crease and although I tend to bring a matte palette in to compliment it, I can get away with using this on its own. I find that with luxury brands their eyeshadows are usually more build-able rather than being in-your-face pigmented and I don't mind that at all. I think shadows like that are easier to work with as you don't have to be quite so careful about how much you pick up on your brush. Charlotte Tilbury shadows are just as beautiful as everyone says and I'm so happy with this quad.

Since it was my birthday, I decided to treat myself to two things that have been on my wishlist for a while, the first of which was the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love. I fell in love with this shade as soon as they launched last year but kept putting it off because I couldn’t justify buying another blush. It was always going to happen though, especially with Tenneil egging me on, the packaging and embossing on the product are too beautiful to ignore. The names of these blushes are great too, another reason I wanted this one is because it’s named after the Supremes’ song and they rule, though if we’re going on names alone my next choice would be Justify My Love even though it’s probably not a reference to Jay Z’s Justify My Thug. Names aside, it’s a beautiful muted peachy shade with a satin finish and it’s actually fairly unique to my collection which is why it was always going to be mine eventually.

My final beauty favourite is my birthday gift from Mecca themselves, which was a full sized tube of their own brand To Save Face SPF50. You may have seen me mention their To Save Face SPF30 about a million times before because it’s my favourite facial sunscreen, so I was very happy to get a tube of the SPF50 as it’s 100% something I would have bought myself. Generally there’s a noticeable textural difference between SPF30 and SPF50, but I’m pleased to report the that's not the case at all in the Mecca range. The only real difference is that the SPF50 is a soft pink colour which fortunately doesn’t translate onto the skin once you work it in. Presumably it’s to counter the white cast that some sunscreens leave behind, because there’s none of that here. Just a beautiful, sophisticated, non-greasy formula that’s an absolute pleasure to use.


My other birthday present to myself was a Diptyque candle. I’ve got a few different scents on my wishlist but due to stock levels on Mecca’s website and not having a chance to smell everything in person I decided to go with Feu de Bois. The name translates to firewood and as soon as I opened the cellophane wrapping on the box I could smell it. It smells exactly like you’ve got a fire burning on a cold winter night, which is something I absolutely love, but since I live in an apartment this is the closest I can get. The last time I checked Mecca’s website Diptyque candles were $84 but when I saw they’d revised their pricing (which they do each quarter to be in line with the current exchange rate because they're babes) I decided at $73 I was going to treat myself.

My other home favourites were also birthday gifts from one of my best friends (the one who was in the States in August). She picked up some beautiful things for me from Anthropologie - these beautiful copper measuring spoons, an incredible pumpkin and clove scented candle in the most beautiful glass jar that I will definitely be re-purposing when I finish it up, and this cute little monogrammed dish.


I mentioned in a recent post that Nick Cave released a new album, and as though the universe were giving me the ultimate gift, my other One True Love, Leonard Cohen has just released a new album as well - what a time to be alive! The two of them along with Jack Kerouac are like my personal holy trinity, so I'm thrilled to say the least. Nick Cave also announced a tour for January next year with two Sydney shows so naturally I bought tickets to both. I haven't been able to find Leonard's lastest album on vinyl just yet, but I picked up the Bad Seeds' one, and my boyfriend bought me Anderson .Paak's Malibu and James Blake's The Colour in Anything as part of my birthday present because they've been two of my favourite releases this year.


Hands down my favourite life-thing recently has been making more time to read. I finally found a way to work reading into my lunch break and have been ticking a few books off my eternal to-read list and it feels so good. Because I drive to work it means I don't get that time on public transport to read like I used to at previous jobs. It can be hard to set aside time at home, and in fact even remembering that reading is an option instead of defaulting to YouTube or Netflix is a challenge in itself. Even though I'm not putting in as much time as I'd like, I'm still really glad that I'm doing more of it at all because it's bringing a lot of joy to my life right now.

Speaking of Netflix though, I finally got around to watching all of Bojack Horseman and it's just as good as everyone says. I'm terrible at watching series because if they're too long or have too many seasons I feel like they're such a big commitment so I never get around to even starting. Bojack isn't too long though and it was completely worth it. Another thing I've watched recently is Aladdin the Musical. My boyfriend bought us tickets for my birthday because Aladdin is my favourite Disney movie and it was such a fun production. I never really go to the theatre because it's so expensive but whenever I do get the chance to go I always have an awesome time.