Declutter: Blushes

Declutter: Blushes

As previously mentioned, I'm moving overseas and am downsizing my makeup! Blush is one of those products that I have a thing for and really enjoy using. I've owned a lot of blush in my time and have given most of it away to family and friends, so I thought I already had my blush collection down to a "reasonable" size. But when push comes to shove, as it has in this case, it turns out there's quite a few I can still bear to part with.


This section is almost all coming with me as these are some of my favourite blushes and I reach for them all the time. I took these first two photos with the idea that I would keep all of them, but as you'll see I've cut things down a bit more since then. I have 5 NARS blushes in Liberte, Mata Hari, Gaiety, Amour and Douceur from left to right, as well as a mini powder and Multiple stick down the front, both in Orgasm (they came from Mecca Beauty Loop boxes). I looked through each of the full sized ones and thought about what I could get rid of and the only one I questioned at all was Liberte.

The rest I still really love and reach for all the time, but when I tested out Liberte I thought it was beautiful too, so they're all staying. I'm getting rid of a palette which you'll see below) that has Orgasm in it in favour of the mini because it's a lot smaller and easier to bring, and since I'm not taking many cream blushes I'm keeping the Multiple for some variety (this is one of two cream blushes I'm keeping).

The two in the middle are my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes in Dim Infusion and Radiant Magenta - they're both absolutely beautiful and I love them. Up the back is MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose. I'm not a major MAC person but I believe this was limited edition and has been brought back a few times and taken away again. I thought I'd be able to get rid of this one easily but after testing it to make sure I just enjoy it too much to say goodbye. Down the front, however is Bobbi Brown's Pastel Pink which is one I thought I would keep but after trying it again recently I've decided it takes too many layers to build up the pigmentation, so I'm leaving this one behind.

The Too Faced Love Flush blush in Baby Love is the newest one to my collection so there's no way it's going anywhere. I thought about leaving behind my two Milani blushes in Luminoso and Tea Rose purely because they're affordable and I could easily pick them up again on the other side. At this stage they're coming with me but if things get tight when I'm actually packing then these could be left behind, but I don't see the point in getting rid of them for the sake of it. The Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy is definitely coming with me, and originally I was going to keep Dollface too, but things got tricky when I started swatching my blushes and trying to eliminate duplicates. It turns out Dollface, and the Dior Rosy Glow blush are basically the same and I couldn't justify keeping both, so because I've kept my other Tarte blush I let go of Dollface.

I've had a long term love affair with Paul & Joe's packaging, and two of their blushes are coming with me in the shades Cinema and Gamine. I'm also keeping the Clinique Cheek Pop blush in Plum Pop because it's so cute and it's easily one of the best makeup products Clinique makes. As for the YSL cream blushes, these are discontinued but I'm keeping one of them in the baby pink shade (can't seem to find proper shade names online). I really love this and since I'm only keeping one other cream blush I can justify it. However I did decide to give away my YSL powder blush because it's not overly pigmented and I think a friend of mine will love it more.

Not Keeping

The two palettes on either end are limited edition NARS palettes that are no longer available. Although the bigger one has really popular shades in it (Deep Throat & Dolce Vita) I honestly never even think to reach for blush palettes, so neither of these get any use. Plus I hate palettes with a mixture of say, blush and eyeshadow like the bigger one because I don't know where to store them. Sidenote: I also got rid of a full sized duo of Orgasm and Albatross earlier on because I have Orgasm in a mini and Albatross is way too yellow for my skin tone. The palette up the back in the middle is the Sleek Californ.i.a. cream palette and although the shades are beautiful, like I said I forget I even have blush palettes and don't use them. I'm also getting rid of two individual Sleek blushes in Life's A Peach and Pixie Pink because I just don't need that many super bright blushes.

Right in the middle is a seemingly discontinued Estee Lauder blush in Peach Nuance. Although it's beautiful I always found it hard to get any colour payoff so I don't feel the need to hang onto it. Down the front is a really pretty Illamasqua cream blush in Dixie that I would like to keep but the packaging is so bulky and 9 times out of 10 I use powder blush so I can't justify it. I've never been that into MAC blushes and although Well Dressed was a favourite shade for quite a few people online, I don't really get it, so it's going Back 2 MAC. And does anyone remember the UK blogger hype over the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink? It's pretty, but it's so small I forget it's even there so I don't use it enough to keep it.

So here are the rest of my cream blushes. As much as I adore the Stila Convertible Colours in Petunia and Gladiola, I've had them for several years now and they're starting to go a bit weird and discoloured, so the time has come to bid them a very fond farewell. Sames goes for the Josie Maran Watercolour Cheek Gelee in Coral Oasis, it's in heavy glass packaging and I think it's starting to turn as well so no sense in keeping it. I'm also leaving behind my two other YSL Cream Blushes because although they're beautiful, I don't need to bring a million cream blushes and I think my mum would really like one of these shades.

And the last of them are 3 Milky Tints from Korean brand The Face Shop which are like a way better version of Benefit's cheek tints and they smell like lollies, but I can live without them. I'm getting rid of the two Paul & Joe blushes that I don't really use in the shades Candy (too bright) and Peaches & Cream (too glittery), as well as my two mini Tarte and Too Faced blushes. I'm not sure if the formula of the mini Too Faced ones isn't as good as the full sized product or if it's just the size and shape of the pan that means it's hard to get your brush in there evenly, but I find these always apply patchy. The Tarte ones are nice but they release so many limited edition shades (which these are) and I prefer having things from the permanent collection so I'm happy to let these go.


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