Declutter: Palettes

Declutter: Palettes


I had planned to get this post up before the move but I ran out of time. This is the last of my initial declutter posts, and decluttering my palettes definitely took some tough decision making, though fortunately I had many months to mentally prepare myself to let go of these. There are some I reach for all the time and have no hesitation about bringing, but the ones I didn't find myself reaching for I made an effort to really test out to see if I fell in love. Palettes are one of the bulkiest makeup items to travel with so no matter how much of a cult product is it, if I didn't think it was worth bringing halfway around the world with me, then I decided to let go.

While you read this post it might be easy to think "if none of those shades suit you, why did you buy the palette, dummy?" but I bought a lot of these while I was experimenting with makeup and still learning what works for me and how I like my makeup to look. Now that I know what shades suit me, what I'm comfortable wearing and what I actually reach for, making the decision to get rid of certain things isn't as difficult as it would have been in the past when I was still learning. I feel like now that I've found my groove I've stopped buying things because of the hype and I can be a lot more objective about what I'm really going to love and use. I'd also like to say there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of these palettes and if I'm giving away one of your favourites I don't mean to offend you, this is purely based on what works for me in terms of my colouring and the kinds of looks I like to do, because I basically never venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to eyeshadow. And as with all the other makeup I've decluttered, I've given them all to family and friends who will love them more than me.

So we'll start with some easy ones, I'm keeping all of these because I absolutely love them and no part of me hesitates to bring them with me. I'm also going to include my MAC/Makeup Geek palette in this, even though it's not in the photo. Don't worry, no stone was left unturned, I went through each shadow one by one and got rid of the shades I knew I wouldn't get much use out of or that didn't perform the way I wanted them to, I just thought that would be too difficult to include in a blog post so I skipped it. The only palette here that's different from my Top 5 Palettes post last year is the Viseart Neutral Matte Palette which is basically the high end version of the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutrals palette. The Viseart shadows perform noticeably better and as much as I adored the Sonia Kashuk one while I had it, there's no need for me to keep two palettes that are so similar. The Tartelette In Bloom palette is just 100% perfect and I think if all my palettes disappeared this is the first once I'd buy again, followed by the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. The final one here is the Makeup Forever Artist Palette which is almost all shimmery but their formula is 10/10 and it's perfect to pair with the Viseart one.

I'm definitely keeping my two Charlotte Tilbury quads in The Legedary Muse and The Dolce Vita. You'll see from the lack of them in this post that I'm not really into quads, in fact I declutted all the rest of the ones I owned a few months earlier so these are the only two I have left. They're both stunning and they're both coming with me. I was obsessed with the original Tartelette palette when it came out and although it's been overtaken by the Tartelette In Bloom, this still has a special place in my heart and I can't bear to say goodbye.

I also have a soft spot for the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette and I really thought I was going to keep this one, but at the last minute I decided to give it to my boyfriend's sister. I think it has such a great mix of mattes and shimmers and a really beautiful shade range, especially for a smaller palette. In fact, last year I bought one of these for a close friend for Christmas, so that's how much I think of it.  I just realised that I have so many similar shades in other palettes and that as lovely as it is, I just don't need it and Mark's sister will appreciate it a lot more than me. I'm wasn't 100% sure at first, but I've decided to keep the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 because it's tiny and all matte and although I hadn't been using it much, once I started culling my palettes I found I was reaching for it more. And that's the exact problem with having too much makeup, you can't possibly feel like you're getting enough use out of all your items while at the same time still rotating through them because those two things compete with each other.

Now here's where things start to get interesting. If you couldn't immediately tell, you're looking at the Lorac Pro and the Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 palettes. We'll start with the Lorac Pro which was so hyped up by every YouTuber and blogger that could get their hands on it back in the day. I picked this up from Ulta when I was in the States a few years ago and was so happy to have it, but despite what everyone said about this being the perfect palette, I haven't really gotten that much use out of it. When I look at the top row, there are 3 really similar light shades. I use a shade like this every day to set my eye primer so that whatever colours I put on top will blend better, but I don't need 3 of them in one palette. If I could, I'd sub two of them out for other colours, and the same goes for the black on the end because I don't care about black eyeshadow at all. Then looking at the second row, the third shade in, Gold, is really pretty but on my eyes it's too warm and coppery and doesn't look quite right. And the 3 deeper shades on the end just aren't my cup of tea, so when I look at the palette overall, if I would trade 7 shades out of 16 that means it's not really for me, right? Plus I know Tenneil has had this on her wishlist for years so I decided to give it to her because I knew she'd love it far more than me. 

I don't think any palettes have ever had the same enduring level of hype as the Naked palettes. I ended up buying both the original and the second one because of the hype and not because I fell in love with them, so I've never really felt that attachment that so many people have to them. But I looked at them both objectively, made a point of wearing them exclusively for days on end and then made my decision. Looking at the Naked 1, I just ignore the two dark shades on the end because I'm not interested in blues, but I've come to really appreciate the rest of the palette. Although there are only two matte shades (booo) there are quite a few satin shades that can still be used in the crease to add depth and dimension. I had always just assumed there were 2 mattes and the rest were shimmers and it made it difficult for me to see this is a great palette on its own, but after making more of an effort to get to know it the charm has emerged and I've started to really like it, so I'm keeping it.

The Naked 2 is a different story. I've realised I prefer warmer shades over cooler ones, and I mostly use light to medium shimmery shades on the lid and then a variety of matte or satin shades through the crease. So I like the first three shades, but the fourth is too warm and coppery and doesn't suit my colouring. The fifth is nice, and then after that it loses me again. They're all too cool or to dark and shimmery and when I used only this palette for several days in a row I found myself only reaching for the same few shades. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful palette, I've just worked out what I like and unfortunately this isn't it, so I'm giving this one up.

The Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette is all matte, which I love, but the biggest thing I don't like is that there are 3 really light, bone coloured shades. Again the kind I would use for setting my eye primer, but why are there three of these in one palette?! As I mentioned, I've realised I'm more into warm shades than cool (without them being too warm and coppery/red/orange). I feel like the cool shades in the middle of the palette really break it up but when I hold my fingers over the black and white shades in the middle of the bottom row, I love everything else I see. And again, I now that I've gotten rid of the ones I'm not keeping I've been able to give more love and attention to this one, so it's staying with me.

Looking at the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette the first thing I do is mentally blank out that blue shade that I would never, ever wear. I love that this palette has such a great range of matte browns, both warm and cool, light and deep. But the thing that I don't like, which is making me give this palette away, is that I can only see one shade that I'd wear on my lid. Butter Pecan, the big one down the bottom is beautiful for that, but the two next to it, Bon Bon and Caramel are way too warm for me, and nothing else in the palette really works. That light shade in the second row is a glittery overlay so no matter how I look at it, this palette just doesn't suit my needs. It definitely hits the spot with the mattes, but while I don't need 10 shimmery shades for my lid, I'd like to have more than one to choose from. 

Does anyone else remember the hype on the NARSissist palette? This baby was limited edition a couple of years ago and when I saw it on display at Mecca and asked if that meant they had it in stock the girl basically laughed at me. But when I was in New York killing time at Sephora in Queens before a Drake show I saw a couple of these sitting on the shelf so without thinking I grabbed it and walked up to the till. Now that I know my preferences better, I can look at this palette and know that it's too cool toned for me and I just don't reach for it all that much. All the warm shades are quite light so there aren't enough warm crease shades for me and I think it would be better suited to someone who wears cooler toned shadows more often, so I've passed this one one as well.

I feel like some people absolutely love this Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette but I don't really get it. There's a great mix of mattes and shimmers but I feel like the shimmers are so average? Like when you blend them all the shimmer disappears and they're really underwhelming, at least for my tastes. I thought my mum would really like it though so I've given it to her. I talked earlier about the Sonia Kashuk palette and as much as I loved it in the past I don't need this and the Viseart so I've given this one away as well.

The Balm's Nude 'Tude Palette was another really hyped up one but I never really got into it. To start with the first two shades aren't cream and gold, they're legit white and yellow so I would never use them. The pink shades are also not that exciting to me and while the middle four are pretty and the quality is actually really good, I also don't care for the last four, so that's way too many strikes for me. Plus the size of the pans and layout of the palette just aren't super appealing to me and when you've got quite a few others to choose from it just means this always got pushed to the back of the drawer. The bottom two are limited edition Bobbi Brown palettes I picked up at the Lauder outlet at a discount. I like both of them but I know I can live without them and that the shades aren't unique to my collection, so I've passed them both on to better homes.



Bringing: 11 (including my MAC palette which wasn't pictured)
Not Bringing: 10