In My Secret Life

In My Secret Life

Boy, life has been busy lately. Not that I expected anything less, which is why I'm really glad I was able to take some time away from working to sort everything out before the move. We leave on Tuesday, May 30, and we both can't wait to just get over there and get started!


We're very lucky that Mark's work have offered him a job in Toronto where he will be working from home. The downside is of course that it's not very social and doesn't give him any opportunities to make friends, but fuck I'm jealous that he won't have to leave the house in winter! It does take a certain personality type to successfully work from home though, and I don't think it's something I'd be very good at, but I think he will thrive in that kind of setting. Either way, it's a big weight off our shoulders to have at least one of us employed from the get go as it means we don't have to worry about money as much, and finding a place to rent should be a lot easier when you can show them you have an income.

We've booked an AirBNB for our first 2 months there just so we can settle in and get a feel for the different neighbourhoods and where we'd like to live. The last thing we want to have to do is juggle moving somewhere new every two weeks while Mark is working so we thought we'd just play it safe and give ourselves some time to make decisions. I've heard the rental market in Toronto can be pretty competitive, so hopefully we can find something that's right for us within those 2 months. I will also most definitely be looking for a job in that time and fingers crossed it doesn't take forever for me to find something that suits what I'm after.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Mark's sister is getting married in September and he is one of the groomsmen, so we'll be flying back to Sydney for a few days at the start of September for the wedding and then heading straight back to Toronto. Unfortunately Mark won't have any annual leave accrued, so we just have to get in and out as quickly as possible, and if I have a job by then of course it would be the same for me. So although the work/leave side of things is pretty shit, the positive is that it means we can leave behind things that we don't desperately need and then bring them with us in September. So things like extra shoes, my super warm dressing gown that I won't need for summer, and my backup makeup and skincare that I wouldn't start using in the next 3 months can all be left behind and I'll be able to bring it over in September.

As for life right now still in Sydney, I've been juggling all the logistics of preparing for the move while Mark has still been working. So things like getting Canadian cash, researching banks and phone plans and how to get a social security number once we get there, sorting out the paperwork we have to present when we land, dealing with two separate insurance claims on my car (hail damage + someone ran up the back of me) on top of going through my wardrobe and deciding what I need to bring and what I'm donating or giving to friends. Sorting my wardrobe has been both stressful and relieving in equal measure and I think regardless of the experiences we have in Toronto and wherever else we travel to, I already know the move has been one of the best decisions in our lives because we are both (but especially me) going to feel SO much better letting go of all this shit that would have just stayed in our lives otherwise because there was no reason to get rid of it.

We have also been catching up with everyone we need to see before we leave, which has been so lovely. We don't have much time left, so it's been dinners with friends and family just about every night lately. We're very lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives, and the hardest part of this whole thing is definitely leaving them all behind for the next two years.


Obviously I didn't plan on buying any new beauty products before the move, but I had a bunch of reward points on my credit card, and what else would I redeem them for other than vouchers that I could use at Mecca? (My boyfriend did suggest vouchers I could use on groceries which Tenneil and I had a good lol at.) Initially I had my heart set on Byredo's Accord Oud because it sounds perfect on paper (resin, incense, rum, leather, patchouli) and smells great from the bottle, but when I actually sprayed it on myself it had a weird chemical scent that reminded me of chlorine and I was instantly turned off it. So I smelled a million other perfumes on a few different occasions and eventually decided on Baudelaire, which had been my second choice for a long time. It has notes of leather, papyrus, patchouli, black amber and incense, and although you can't explicitly smell the incense, it has that same smokey/sweet vibe I'm obsessed with.

On that trip to Mecca when I decided against Accord Oud, I'd tried to buy the new NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer because I still had extra money on my gift card but they had run out of my shade (01 Chantilly). The girl I was speaking to offered to make me a very generous sample which I am thoroughly enjoying. Although the sample will still last me a while, I didn't have anything else I desperately wanted on my wishlist so I picked up the full sized product which I'll probably leave behind and bring over in September.

With the final amount on my gift card I bought the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil which again, I didn't strictly need, but there's something about it that made me really want it. The name makes it sound incredible, and it looks like honey in the bottle but smells like a mixture of musk sticks and cabbage patch dolls, which is super nostalgic for me. I don't really wear lip gloss much, but it's more of a glossy lip balm so it's definitely something you can put on before bed, or on top of lipstick if you want some shine or your lips are feeling dry. It's basically just another expensive lip balm but in a different format and I love it.

Because Tenneil is a total sweetheart and all around babe, she sent me a mini Byredo Tree House candle as a farewell present as well as a thank you for picking up some beauty bits for her when I was in the US a few months ago. We use Wunderlist to share our wishlists with each other so she knew I wanted it and I was so excited and surprised when I unwrapped it! I've been madly using up all my candles over the last few months except my Byredo and Diptyque ones which will be coming with me to Toronto. I know bringing something heavy like candles overseas is a bit over the top but #priorities, u know?

I also picked up a new bottle of the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer because it's one of my favourites for actually helping your makeup last longer and I don't believe you can get Max Factor in Canada? They have crazy import duties on products not made and shipped from Canada, the US or Mexico so I didn't want to run the risk of having to pay double for it once I was there. Although the brand seems to have pulled out of Target and Priceline in Australia as it is, so I'm hoping this doesn't become impossible to get altogether because I love that primer so much.


My One True Love Nick Cave has released a 3-disc greatest hits album, Lovely Creatures, which isn't especially exciting because I already have his entire discography because I'm a total tragic fan, but one of the releases was a limited edition cloth-bound book that's full of beautiful photos and essays, along with the 3 CDs and a DVD. I would have much preferred the book to come with the vinyl release but it's not really essential anyway because I have all of his albums on vinyl as well. Like I said, tragic. Anyway, the book is lovely and although it was pretty silly to buy it and just stick it in storage for the next two years, it's limited edition so I had to do it. I've been making time to read it before we leave and I've thoroughly enjoyed some of the essays in there and I'm really glad I decided to buy it.

It's not exactly news anymore, but in the last couple of months both Drake & Kendrick Lamar have put out new music. Drake is half the reason we're moving to Toronto (not really, but it doesn't hurt) so I was playing More Life non stop when it first dropped, and Kendrick's DAMN is incredible too, but I'm a total Kendrick fangirl and just think everything he does is amazing so that's no surprise. The National have also released a new song from their upcoming album, Sleep Well Beast and I seriously can't wait to hear more from them!


  • I have been obsessed with Shannon's declutter videos. She has such a massive makeup collection but it's good to see her being so ruthless and getting rid of so much because that is like the most satisfying thing in the world to me
  • I most definitely teared up watching Feist's cover of one of my favourite Leonard Cohen songs, Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye. In fact I just re-watched it as I'm writing this up and had a little cry because I'm still so sad that he's gone. I also love that the performance was introduced by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He shared that Leonard Cohen had been a pallbearer at his father's funeral, and I have never been more proud or excited to be moving to a country whose leader has personal ties to Leonard Cohen
  • Ever since hearing about her through The Anna Edit I've been really enjoying Kimberley Clarke's anti-haul videos, and I also loved her Listen Up: Consumerism video
  • On a similar note, I came across this article through Tenneil about Bloggers & Designer Handbags and it's well worth a read
  • I am also obsessed with Stephanie Nicole and I absolutely love her intelligent, well-researched, informative and no-bullshit approach to reviews, especially when it comes to skincare