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Glossier Haul & Review

Jessica Bialkowskibeauty
Glossier Haul & Review
Glossier Haul & Review

Although I'm very excited that Glossier are finally addressing international shipping, it was a bit annoying that they announced they've started shipping to Canada in the same week that I'd already orchestrated an elaborate plan to get my hands on some of their products. We had a friend visiting from San Fran for a weekend and had plans to go to Niagara Falls together, so I had my Glossier order shipped to a mail holding service just across the border and I walked over the Rainbow Bridge to pick it up. You have to go through customs on both sides since you're walking into New York state, so I had to bring my passport with me. I mean, I did get to see both sides of the falls so it wasn't just for the sake of Glossier, but it's still a lot more of a hassle than just ordering something to arrive at your home, but fortunately my plan went off without a hitch. I know that's a lot  of effort to go to for some skincare, but I'm sure half of you reading this would at least think about doing the same. Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Glossier Haul & Review: Milky Jelly Cleanser

Milky Jelly Cleanser

I've managed to get my hands on one Glossier order in the past which included the Milky Jelly Cleanser & the Rose flavoured Balm Dotcom, so I already knew that I loved this stuff and really wanted to get another bottle.

It's a really simple cleanser with a cloudy white colour and thick gel texture, but it sort of melts like a cleansing balm on your skin. It's really unique and I absolutely love it and think it's great value considering it's only $18 US (around $23 CAD/AUD).

I generally use this in the morning or as a second cleanse in the evening and it does the job perfectly. Literally the only bad thing about it is that it's hard to get ahold of, but other than that I can't fault it.

If you're able to order from Glossier this is the one product I think you should put in your basket above everything else, because I genuinely think everyone will love it.

Glossier Haul & Review: Birthday Balm Dotcom

Balm Dotcom in Birthday

As I mentioned above, I already own the Rose flavour of the Balm Dotcom and I thought I was going to pick up the Coconut flavour next, but then they launched the Birthday flavour in collaboration with the Milk Bar Bakery. I got sucked in by the cute packaging and the fact that I fkn love me some cake, so I changed my mind just before placing my order. I think we all know that "birthday cake" flavoured things are actually just vanilla, so to me this smells just like a fancier Lip Smacker. The only thing that's different about this is that it has a really subtle silver shimmer to it, which I wasn't too keen on in theory, but actually you can't see or feel it at all, it just gives the balm a glossy look, while the Rose, and probably the other flavours, are more on the matte side.

I'm fully aware that these balms are essentially glorified Vaseline, but so are a tonne of lip balms including the Dior Creme de Rose which is three times the price, as well as most drugstore lip balms that people swear by, like Chapstick and Carmex. When it comes to things like lip balm I'm not bothered in the slightest by petrolatum (aka mineral oil). While it doesn't especially hydrate the lips, there are often other ingredients in the formula that do, and petrolatum is excellent at creating a barrier between your lips and the outside elements, meaning moisture gets locked in and your lips are protected from things like the wind and air con/heating.

The universal skin salve thing is a bit of a stretch considering some of the flavours are tinted, and this one has shimmer, but I've never intended to use them anywhere but my lips, so that doesn't bother me. I'm still more likely to reach for my Nuxe Reve de Miel if my lips are in bad shape, but these work great for me as an everyday balm, and the packaging and overall vibe of them is super cute which makes me enjoy using them even more.

Glossier Haul & Review: Priming Moisturiser

Priming Moisturiser

I actually bought the Phase 1 Set which included the Balm Dotcom and Milky Jelly Cleanser, along with the Priming Moisturiser and saved myself $10 in the process, so effectively my Balm Dotcom only cost me $2. Everyone seems to be raving about the Priming Moisturiser Rich, but since I don't have dry skin I figured the original version would be enough for me. The name kind of implies that it acts as a makeup primer as well as a moisturiser, but if you're used to using two different products anyway this isn't some sort of hybrid, it's just a moisturiser.

I don't generally have super strong feelings about moisturisers because I don't have dry skin, so most of them tend to work just fine for me. This one is a fairly standard cream with a runny lotion-y texture and it sinks into my skin easily and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It doesn't smell of anything so that's a plus if you have sensitive skin or are concerned about fragrance.

They make some claims on their website about a "Mushroom Super Hydrator" which isn't identified on their ingredients list, as well as an "Oxygenating Agent" which I'm pretty sure means nothing. I really like Glossier, but I get annoyed when any brand makes vague claims in their marketing without providing any more information. They also claim that it "visibly reduces redness" which I don't think it does, but honestly I don't expect my moisturiser to do much other than hydrate my skin, and this does that perfectly well.

I can't say I would cry if I ran out of it as there are definitely comparable products out there, but it does what I expect and need, and it looks beautiful to boot, so it's entirely likely that I'd repurchase it at some point. I know packaging isn't super important when it comes to skincare, but when comparing it to other products that are basically the same, the pretty one is going to win.

Glossier Haul & Review: Stretch Concealer in Light

Stretch Concealer

I was a bit on the fence about whether or not to pick up the Stretch Concealer (in shade Light) as I had suspicions that it would be a bit wishy washy and not have enough coverage, but actually I bloody love it. It's really natural and skin-like, which is exactly Glossier's vibe so that part doesn't surprise me. But the thing that's great about it is because the formula is so light and creamy, you can layer it up to build the coverage and it never looks cakey or heavy. It gives the skin a beautiful glow and looks really healthy and pretty while still being basically undetectable.

It's perfect if you don't like wearing much makeup and I've been using it on its own with a bit of mascara and brow gel when I'm just running errands and want to look a little more put together. But it also works beautifully when I've done a full face of makeup both under the eyes and around the face.

When I saw it in the pot I thought it might be a little dark but it's actually the perfect colour for me and it blends in seamlessly. The only downside is that because the formula is so creamy I think it sometimes makes my mascara transfer so I get some flaking under my eyes, though I'd say that's probably a combination of this concealer along with certain mascaras as well as the fact that I have oily skin and I doubt everyone would have that problem. All in all I'm really glad I picked this up and I think it's a beautiful product.

Glossier Haul & Review: Moisturising Moon Mask

Moisturising Moon Mask

When I left Australia I didn't bring any full-sized masks with me, so choosing a new hydrating one was on my list as I particularly like using them when I'm in the bath or if I'm going on a long haul flight. I don't think hydrating the skin is an overly complex affair, and because it's not a major issue that I struggle with day to day, I didn't want to spend too much, so I thought $22 US (about $28CAD / AUD) for the Moisturising Moon Mask was pretty reasonable.As with the Priming Moisturiser it claims to "oxygenate" the skin which I think is rubbish, and it also claims that licorice root & lemon extracts will brighten the skin, but I'd imagine they're probably in there in negligible amounts and won't really do anything. But what it does do is hydrate and plump the skin nicely, which is what I'm after.

The brand recommends applying a thick layer and washing it off, but that's not generally how I use hydrating masks. I'm more inclined to apply a thinner layer (certainly not how the model wears it on their website) and let it sink in. If I were applying skincare after using this in the bath I'd either wash or micellar water it off as your skincare isn't likely to be able to penetrate through the mask. But if I decided I wanted to use this overnight after all my other products, then obviously I would just leave it on. In terms of using a hydrating mask on long haul flights, I prefer something clear so it's discreet and one that's preferably pretty buildable as I'm likely to apply several layers over the course of the flight. I haven't used this on a flight yet but I definitely will when the situation arises and I'm expecting it to be perfect for that.

The Rest

As well as reviewing the products I bought, I thought it might be helpful if I included my reasons for not picking up certain other products from the range, sort of like a brand-specific anti-haul. I mean, never say never,  but I think for the most part I've now got almost everything from Glossier that interests me. This isn't meant to trash any of their other products as clearly I love the brand, but I thought it would be interesting to explain why certain products don't appeal to me or why I know they wouldn't be worth my money. If you love any of these products then by all means keep using them, I just know that personally they wouldn't suit my needs.

I don't think I'm likely to pick up anything else from their makeup range as they're just not the type of products I use. By all reports their Perfecting Skin Tint is really sheer, and I prefer a medium coverage, plus I don't go for tinted moisturisers as they never last on my oily skin. Their Cloud Paints, aka liquid blushes, seem like too much fuss for me and I know from experience with other products that they would just get pushed to the back of my drawer. While I'm sure they're beautiful, I'm also not going to be buying their Haloscopes as highlighters don't really excite me and I've got a couple I'm happy with so I don't need any more. Their lip products don't do it for me either, I rarely wear glosses so the few that I have already cover my bases, and I only occasionally wear sheer lipsticks/tinted balms so when I do the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are all I need. I'm tempted to try the Boy Brow but at $18US it's more than I'm likely to spend on something as simple as a brow gel, so for now I'm fine without it.

Glossier Haul & Review: Stretch Concealer Balm Dotcom

As for their skincare, aside from repurchases or more Balm Dotcoms, I'm somewhat interested in their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack clay mask, but nothing else from their current lineup really stands out. I think their SPF is crazy expensive for a 30ml bottle so I'm definitely not buying that. I don't need the Priming Moisturiser Rich as the regular version is enough for my skin, and their Soothing Face Mist is just a stock standard rosewater spritz but it's $18US for 118ml, which I think is expensive for what it is.

And finally, the Supers don't interest me considering they're only 15ml bottles and now that a brand like The Ordinary is around it makes them seem quite expensive. From what I've heard the Super Bounce hydrating serum is the favourite of the three, but I prefer serums that do more than just hydrate. I also hear good things about the Super Pure but it's essentially the same product as The Ordinary's Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%,  which is cheaper by a significant margin for twice the amount of product. Given that Glossier aren't shouting their ingredient % from the rooftops, I would also imagine Super Pure contains less than 10% niacinamide. And finally, I hear virtually nothing about Super Glow which  is their vitamin C offering, but even if I had heard good things, this one from The Ordinary looks like it's pretty comparable, and again it's a lot more affordable.